June 2017: Mid-Year Update

It’s June!! Which means a lot of things, first and foremost we are officially over halfway through 2017 (insane right?). And for those of you who live down here in the southern hemisphere winter is here…

I wanted to do this post as a quick update. Just to check-in on how my goals are going and give you all a general update.

I’m not going to lie my blogging goals¬†¬†have not been my top priority this past month. Posting has been a tad in-consistent and while I’m doing my best staying on top of everything is proving to be a bit more of a challenge than I originally thought. All those bloggers and social media influencers I applaud your organisation skills!!

Yet still I like to think that as the middle of the year there is still time for some redemption. Balancing high school, this blog and all the other crazy things that come with being a teenager is going to take some time. But I’m prepared to work at it and I hope you’re prepared to stick around for that!

I know it’s been short but I just wanted to do a quick update, and I’ll do my best to get another post up asap!



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