After Midnight Playlist

All the nights you spend worrying, the ones where your brain just keeps churning out ridiculous thoughts; this is the soundtrack to those nights. I don’t think there’s any other way to describe this playlist. It’s for all your thoughts after midnight because if we can’t explain it maybe we can listen to it. All the nights you can’t get to sleep, it’s the perfect playlist to silence your thoughts and help you switch off. A mix of r&b and pop it’s perfectly understated. After midnight, definitely has different vibes to my nap time playlist which you can check out here. I know it’s short but there will be more songs added.

There you have it, my after midnight playlist or 12:01am . This playlist will be updated so make sure to follow it on spotify. As much as I love doing relaxed playlists I think my next one will be more upbeat. What do you guys think?