7 TV Shows You Need to Start Watching

TV Shows

Don’t try to deny that you’ve let a TV show consume you; promising yourself that this would be the last episode for the night and ending up finishing the entire season. We’ve all been there. It’s safe to say that I am a TV show addict. I cannot get enough of them, comedies, mysteries, thrillers, horrors, dramas, I love them all. In fact I actually prefer TV shows to movies and it’s safe to say there are a lot of people out there who agree. After all, nothing compares to falling off your chair just as a season finale wraps up.

As a self proclaimed TV show addict and connoisseur of such fine things I thought it would be fun to share 7 TV shows you need to start watching. Now, a lot of  TV shows do spawn a cult following so I can’t promise that these will all be new to you. However, I can promise that they will span multiple genres and keep you at the edge of your seat. In no particular order I present to you 7 TV shows you need to start watching asap!

7 TV Shows
1. How To Get Away With Murder

This is an absolutely amazing show! With an intricate plot starring award-winning actress Viola Davis as a professor of law, Annalise Keating. The TV show centres around Annalise and five of her first year law students as they become intertwined in a murder plot. A nail biting drama spanning three seasons with a fourth one set to premiere. I can  not say enough good things about this show, although the plot definitely isn’t for everyone. If you love crime thrillers, mysteries or darker dramas then you will love what this show has to offer. However, if violence and murder isn’t really your thing then stare clear.

2. Gossip Girl

By far one of my all time favourite shows. I’ve watched all six seasons about five times now… A light hearted drama following the lives of wealthy teenagers on the upper east side in New York City who find themselves the centre of a blog known as Gossip Girl. Jam packed with dramas and betrayals it’s the perfect distraction from the real world as you enter a much more decadent one. The TV show is based off books by Cecily Von Ziegesar and is totally insane! (In a good way.) Although the premise is a little shallow and not for everyone this show won over my heart.  Even if the plot doesn’t sound like it’s for you there are lots of people I know who never thought they would like such a show but ended up totally hooked. Give it a go, that is; if you haven’t already.

3. The Carrie Diaries

I’ll admit this show was cancelled after only two seasons but boy were they amazing. A prequel to Sex and The City, the show follows Carrie Bradshaw (Anna Sophia Robb) through her high school years as she balances school with a magazine internship. I love this show ridiculous amounts and even though it wasn’t given the chance to conclude it is still totally amazing!!

4. Famous in Love

This show is brand new on the scene. The whole of season one was dropped last week after the premiere of Pretty Little Liars. Starring Bella Thorne as Paige Townsen whose life is turned upside down when she is cast as the lead to the newest blockbuster. Thrown into the world of fame as Hollywood’s new “it girl,” Paige is forced to drive blind into a cut throat world. I binge watched the entire first season in two days and wow! Ever since Gossip Girl there has been a place in the market for a new TV show in an elusive world that few ever become apart of. This drama is a must-watch for Gossip Girl lovers or anyone else after a new TV show I guarantee you, you will fall in love.

6. Suits

Whenever I explain this show to people they roll their eyes and tell me they’re not interested. A TV show about lawyers, sounds boring as. Well trust me it’s anything but. This show is set in the fast paced world of corporate law in New York City, following Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) the newest associate at Pearson Hardman, one of the top law firms in the city. Accept there’s a catch, Mike never went to law school. Despite having a photographic memory and one of the greatest minds for law he never actually got a degree. I promise this detail isn’t a spoiler. Watch this show right now. I’m not kidding, do it. I’ll wait.

7. How I Met Your Mother

Unlike the rest of these shows, How I Met Your Mother is a much more laid back comedy show. Following five best friends living in New York City, as they try to find love. Told from the perspective of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), 20 years into the future as he recalls to his children how he came to meet their mother. I love this show, it really is funny and perfect to just watch.


Half-way through my list I realised that I haven’t even scratched the surface of amazing TV shows that are out there. If you guys enjoyed this post let me know in the comments below and tell me what your favourite TV show is right now I always love finding new ones. Also look out for a part two because this post hasn’t even begun to cover all my favourite TV shows.



  1. May 1, 2017 / 4:02 am

    How to Get Away with Murder is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched! I love it so much, and every single episode I feel like my heart is in my throat. I haven’t watched Suits yet, but I’ve heard great things so will definitely give that one a try soon!

    Joanne | https://fung-shui.com

    • MiFlare
      May 1, 2017 / 6:29 am

      I feel you, How to Get Away with Murder is amazing I love love love it!!! Totally try Suits it’s so intense eeek! Xx