Why I Started Blogging

I figure after all this time I should explain. Why did I start blogging? The truth is I’ve been in and out for years (four to be exact). I’ve changed names, URLS, themes and ideas. Through all that one thing has remained the same, my desire to blog. I’m not the best with time management and sticking to a schedule (working on it!). But every time I sit down to write a post I’m reminded of how much I love this.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a writer. Being my strongest subject in school and a way for me to express my own emotions. Writing has always been a massive part of my life.

When I first came across the world of blogging I was 13 years old and lacked the stickability to continue long term. Now, 17 years old I’m doing this for real. Still lacking good time management but I’m trying!!

Ever since I was young I’ve loved two things, writing and fashion. It may sound cliche but ask my mum she can confirm. When I was just a wee little thing, I would refuse to go outside if I didn’t like what I was wearing. Even at the age of 8 my mum couldn’t choose clothes for me. I knew what I wanted.

As for the writing all through primary school and even now in high school, english has always been my best subject. Specifically writing, essay writing, creative writing I loved all of it. I still do.

After first discovering the world of blogging I always knew it was something I would love to do. A combination of writing and fashion, could anything be better? I got to following a lot of fashion bloggers, I still do.

From there I knew it was something I wanted to be able to do, to share my thoughts and my fashion.

I started this blog to be unapologetically myself. To grow with my audience and create a genuine connection with all my lovely readers. I want this place to be somewhere I can share my love of makeup, fashion and writing. Somewhere filled with beautiful thoughts and beautiful clothes.